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Download Forms

All forms are PDFs and can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it already, you can download it for free.

Setup Forms

Download, fill out, and fax these forms to setup your e-Manifest account with us.

  1. Create Carrier Account (528 KB PDF)
  2. Add Payment Method — Credit Card Authorization Form (136 KB PDF)

Maintenance Forms

You can download this Excel spreadsheet to organize all of your e-Manifest related information. Using it will also make it really easy to send to us - no hand writing or faxing necessary.

Truck, Trailer, Driver Easy-setup Spreadsheet (MS Excel)

If you'd rather fax your info into us, these forms to add items to your account:

  1. Add New Driver (145 KB PDF)
  2. Add New Passenger (29 KB PDF)
  3. Add New Deliver-To Location (28 KB PDF)
  4. Add New Shipper (27 KB PDF)
  5. Add New Vehicle/Trailer (157 KB PDF)

Trip Forms

Use this form when creating a new trip via fax service:

  1. United States e-Manifest Shipment Form (187 KB PDF)
  2. Canadian e-Manifest Shipment Form (230 KB PDF)

Blank Trip Receipt

Send these along with your drivers, when they're out of reach. Customs accepts handwritten Trip Receipts, which eliminates the need to fax your driver.

  1. Blank e-Manifest Trip Receipt (8 KB PDF)