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Fax Product

Filing e-Manifests via fax can save time and reduce the burden of Customs regulations on your business processes. Besides the reduced time and minimal training needed to file e-Manifests via fax, you can file e-Manifests now without having to attend another seminar or learn the entire process.

You can easily comply with Customs while we sort out the details.

Our Fax e-Manifest option would be helpful when:

  • You don't want to mess around with a new system or program
  • You want to file e-Manifest now via fax and review the computer options later when you're more comfortable with the regulations
  • Your drivers don't know exact quantities until pickup and have access to a fax machine
  • You have minimal time between pickup and border arrival
  • Your main e-Manifest employee is away and faxing the information is easier to learn
  • You have minimal computer experience