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Product Intro

We've designed three options that make e-Manifest preparation quick and easy for you. We also offer multiple confirmation options for each so you know right when your e-Manifest is approved by Customs.

Web e-Manifest

By far our most popular option, our web product allows lightning quick input of your information into a single screen for simple e-Manifest processing. More complex e-Manifests are nearly as quick with multi-shipment functionality from the same screen. (Learn More about Greeneye Web e-Manifest or View a Single Shipment Demo)

Fax e-Manifest

Our fax product reduces your time and involvement in the e-Manifest process. You can provide us your shipment information via fax, which means minimal training and less time and hassle for your drivers and staff. (Learn More about Greeneye Fax e-Manifest)

Phone e-Manifest

Our phone product is there when you need it most - rural pickups, pickups near the border, or that odd situation when you can't get to a computer or fax machine. With a quick phone call, we can log your shipment information and have your e-Manifest submitted for you in no time. (Learn More about Greeneye Phone e-Manifest)

e-Manifest Confirmations

If your driver doesn't know that your e-Manifest is accepted, what's the point? We offer multiple options to get you Customss accepted confirmation as quickly as possible including email, text message, fax, or even a phone call.

If you choose email or fax, we can also send your e-Manifest Trip Receipt and/or 7533 Inward Cargo Manifest along with your confirmation.

Which One is Right for Me?

So, you know that you need to file e-Manifest, but you might be asking yourself which of Greeneye's awesome options is right for you. Hopefully this will help.

Product Comparison
  Web Fax Phone
Training Required 20 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes
Support Included Yes Yes Yes
Software Required No No No
Internet Access Required Yes No No
Hours of Operation 24/7 6 am - Midnight 6 am - Midnight

Do You Want to do it Yourself?

Yes: We'll set you up with a username and password to use our online e-Manifest system. It's that easy.

Maybe: If you think you might eventually want to do it yourself, but aren't sure about it about it yet, consider this. With Greeneye, you can use our fax option until you are comfortable with e-Manifest. At that point, switch over to our online e-Manifest system at no cost and you'll have immediate access to all your saved data.

No: Please consider the next question.

Will your drivers or dispatch be able to fax or email Greeneye your e-Manifest information?

Yes: Consider using Customized forms to reduce their workload

If you choose our fax option, consider our modified 7533 Inward Cargo Manifest that lets you complete the Inward Cargo Manifest and e-Manifest with just one form.

If your drivers or dispatch can't fax or email Greeneye, consider using our phone option with live operators to assist you in filing e-Manifest

Finally, you might want to use a combination of all three options. With Greeneye, you can use the right tool for the job.