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ACE e-Manifest Port Guide & Map

Our ACE e-Manifest deployment guide and map are based on information provided by US Customs and Border Protection. Their latest update was published May 17, 2007.

ACE e-Manifest Deployment Map

Deployment Status Legend
Trip Must be on File An e-Manifest must successfully be on file with Customs, or you will be denied entry into the US. A Trip Accepted message is valid proof.
Attempt Required You need to at least attempt to file an e-Manifest, or Customs will deny entry into the US. A Trip Receipt and a Trip Number is proof of a valid attempt.
"Mandatory" You'll get written up and/or delayed if you don't attempt to file an e-Manifest.
Functional You don't need to file an e-Manifest when going through these ports, but it would be wise to start trying.

ACE e-Manifest Deployment Schedule

ACE e-Manifest Deployment Status for US Land Border Ports
  State 5/24 5/26 6/19 7/12 7/19 7/23 8/6 8/23 9/12 10/5 10/12 10/16 11/5 12/16 1/16
Group 1 Arizona                              
North Dakota (East) 1                              
Group 2 California                              
New Mexico                              
Group 3 Michigan                              
New York                              
Group 4 New Hampshire                              
North Dakota (West)2                              
Group 5 Idaho                              
Group 6 Maine                              
  1. Pembina, Neche, Walhalla, Maida, Hannah, Sarles, and Hansboro
  2. St. John, Dunseith, Carbury, Westhope, Antler, Sherwood, Northgate, Portal, Noonan, Ambrose, Fortuna