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Do I Need a PAPS sticker when filing an e-Manifest?

Posted by Jason Berberich on December 30, 2006

Do not place PAPS barcode labels on any forms to be handed to CPB officers in primary booths if you have filed ACE e-Manifest.

If invoices and PAPS bar-coded manifests are provided to the driver, they should remain in the driver’s control and not be given to CBP except upon request. CBP Officers will use these documents in the case of system downtime or validation/examination of shipment.

Comments (2)

Diane Berube:

How do I obtain a PAPS number without purchasing PAPS labels. E-Manifests require PAPS number but not the label. Cannot generate an e-Manifest with out this number.

Hey Diane,

Great question. PAPS *Labels* are no longer required. However like you state, a PAPS/SCN Number is required. Having PAPS Labels created makes it easier to quickly assign a PAPS Number to your shipment, although it is not necessary.

In cases where you do not have PAPS Labels, Greeneye recommends you use a date/time format for your PAPS Number, now called a Shipment Control Number. Here's an example: GEYE103020071301. When using your own number, be sure to *clearly* identify the PAPS/SCN on your paperwork.

Best Wishes,
Harry Orin Wood

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